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Web Development

Your website is your salesman, so ensuring the web development is completed to provide a user-friendly experience is vital when investing in your website. Web development can involve web-based services, desktop programmes and even mobile applications. Here at Geek, we take our time with you to discuss all the areas worth considering within web development, as we understand it can appear mindbogglingly initially.
So you have your web design ready, and now you’re eager to put it into practice. Your business will need web development services; web development is where Geek can provide you with our time and skill. There are various elements you decide upon during the design process that can appear simple in appearance but can become timely and costly when it is time for development.
Allowing Geek to develop your website will save that time and the feared unseeable costs! Your development requirements start with a friendly chat; here, we can discuss your intentions, allowing us to confirm the best possible approach to meet your expectations. We will get to know your business and aspirations, and from here, we can suggest ways to save you money and valuable time.

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75% of people admit to judging a business’ credibility on their website alone.

The more niche,
the more bespoke

Bespoke development focuses on what you want from your user and what you want the user journey to be, and depending on the niche of your business, the more bespoke your web development will become. As a development agency in Peterborough, we offer various digital development services, including built-from-scratch CRMs, interactive elements, animations and mobile-friendly applications that match your eCommerce.
Geek’s primary focus in web development is providing our clients with a website that makes them proud of their business and brings their customers a smooth user journey because, ultimately, the better our client’s business, the better Geek does.

Did you know that…

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In this day and age, users demand powerful and responsive websites at the touch of a button. It is crucial to present your brand within seconds to engage the user instantly. Take a look at just some of our web design and development projects.

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For a more in-depth website cost breakdown, download our pdf document.

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