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Logo Design

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Bespoke logo design services to separate you from the rest

Your logo design should never be wholly style; your logo’s design should convey your business’s core values. Instantly the consumer should understand who you are solely through your logo design; this is why the logo holds its importance; it is the face of your business and the exclamation mark for every value your company has. The logo design also influences the aesthetic of other aspects, such as; web design and marketing materials. Our logo design team in Peterborough will ensure that your brand’s graphic design is stylistic and fundamentally communicates what your business is. At Geek, we are eager to create that conversation for you!
We all know at least one brand purely through its logo, and perhaps even a brand only through its choice of consistent colour use; just through that alone, it is understandable how your logo design builds brand loyalty and piques consumers’ interest in what your business provides.

Smart Logo Design Creation

It takes a person seven seconds to form a first opinion on your brand and a further five to seven more viewings to build awareness of your brand identity. So, your logo needs to be seen, but not only that, your logo must convey the ideal connotations to evoke your desired first opinion. You need to be smart with your graphic design choices. S.M.A.R.T: Simple, Memorable, Ageless, Reliable and Thoughtful; and we’re sure you know Geek is synonymous with being smart!
Our logo design team in Peterborough will pick, shape and refine your bespoke logo from a simple logo design package to a responsive version for mobile and your company’s social media. Whether your brand identity is looking for a refresh or if you’re offering Geek the opportunity to start from scratch, we will make sure your logo is your company’s bespoke exclamation mark!

Bring your logo to life with animation

Take your branding to the next level with bespoke logo animation. Our logo designers can also add motion design to your logo, adding a modern element to your logo design which most of your competitors will not have.
To give you an idea of the sort of thing we can do, here is an animation we made for Regency Security Services as an intro to their website, emphasising their calligraphy style logo. Your logo could also be animated to loop seamlessly, this kind of animation is perfect for things like email signatures and presentations.

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