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Web Design

Your website should be one of the primary investments for your business, meaning the web design you opt for is also a vital part of that investment; here at Geek, we will push the narrative of design from what looks appealing to what will best communicate who and what your business while ensuring a user-friendly experience for your consumers.
Multiple factors contribute to your web design, and there are various elements to consider, from which micro-interactions best help navigate users to take the next step to determine the functionality of your website — is your website there to be an information website or is your business looking for a more bespoke user experience? Understanding the purpose of your website and the goals you aim to achieve is what Geek studies to help design an effective website for your business.

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First impressions of your website are 94% design related. Don’t give the wrong impression.

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Web designing at Geek is a collective task between in-house designers, developers and marketers; through this collaborative effort, your website design becomes fine-tuned to perfection, ensuring that once you’re on the digital map, you’ll get noticed and have return customers. So, why wouldn’t you want the wealth of knowledge and skill from Geek contributing to your business?
Web design allows you to put your business on search engines and deliver your services to customers across the country and even the world. Your business should strive to listen to customers and keep up with their demands. Geek will transform your web design ideas into a website that achieves your goals, whether accumulating leads or having customers subscribe to a service.
To WizWeaver, it’s about you and your customers; we will consider your ideas and develop them into a website that meets consumer expectations. A website is the starting point of your digital venture, it’s the place where businesses want to be, and our team will provide you with the ideal starting point.

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In this day and age, users demand powerful and responsive websites at the touch of a button. It is crucial to present your brand within seconds to engage the user instantly. Take a look at just some of our web design and development projects.

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For a more in-depth website cost breakdown, download our pdf document.

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