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Website Pricing

Right, let’s take a journey on how much a website could cost.

The guide for your journey: a digital agency based in Ontario, that has been creating bespoke web development and web design for ten years! So, do not fear you will not be taken on a wrong turn during this journey!

How Much Does
a Website Cost?

We know you’ve probably googled “how much does a website cost?” And ended up with a range of answers, and now you’re here hoping to find a direct answer. At the same time, we can give you our day rate, it’s $600(+VAT), by the way, but ultimately, we can’t give you a blanket price for a website, its dependent on the time that is taken to create it and the time comes down to what you are asking for and how you communicate with us.

We know you can get a website for less than our day rate. Still, you get what you pay for when it comes to a website. At Wizweaver, we take our time to ensure the client gets exactly what they want, which can’t just happen overnight for bespoke development. So, if you are looking for a website that fulfils your needs and desires while also being an investment for your business, then speak to our Wiz.

The Confusion

The confusion of pricing mainly comes down to what you are actually paying for; while you are purchasing a website from us, you are ultimately paying for our time, and our product to you is not the website itself (while do you get a website from us), our product is our knowledge, skill and time.
A range of variables goes into constructing a website. If the correct information empowers our clients, they will make the right buying decisions. Elements to consider for your website:

Elements to consider for your website:



…can range from a scrolling animation to a simple hover transition. At its essence, a micro-interaction is about creating a visual experience and ensuring it is implemented correctly to guarantee it is user-friendly.


Videos & Images

…they are visible forms of communication and can instantly show your customers who and what your business is. Graphics — are the entire look, such as colours, fonts and layout.



…are the entire look, such as colours, fonts and layout. Like illustrations, your graphic choices should aid your website and promote your company’s core values.



Illustrations are on your website to complement the content on the website and the overall theme of your brand identity. A successful illustration will pull viewers in and intrigue them to either stay on the page or select a new page.



Your website is whatever your mind can think of (and the type of investment you’re willing to make), and that is what your functionality is; it is whatever you want to get from your customer.


Bespoke Development

Depending on your niche, the more bespoke your website’s functionality becomes.