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Top Ten Design Websites


June 13, 2023

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We are always seeking inspiration, and the joys of the internet mean you are just a few taps away from inspiration and a date if you swipe right enough, but let’s focus on the potential wealth of inspiration instead! We are focusing on design insight you can gain from going to suitable online spaces. It can be challenging to know where to look or even what to type into the search bar. Once you are presented with all the possibilities, the hole of procrastination can open up, and you’ll end up reading all the design-based websites but won’t end up designing anything! The best design blogs are enjoyable to read, incorporate attractive designs within their web design, and excite you to learn more about design. To complete the task of researching and sourcing good design websites, we have brought you a collection of our top ten favourite design blogs; these range from delivering you design news to simply presenting the reader with exciting brands who have finessed their design.

1. Dribbble 

Right, we know this is an obvious one, but we have to start with it! It is obvious for a reason every designer and their cat uses this site for their inspiration. If we are being hasty and you don’t know about the dribble, we shall fill in the gaps. Dribbble is a website designers, and agencies use to showcase their creative work and grow their portfolios. 

2. Abdz.do

Abduzeedo is an attractive website as it originally started in 2006 as a personal blog but has since grown into a collective of writers from all over the world; working individually but together, they have created a truly inspiring website. The writers share articles about design photography and UX, so a bit of everything to ensure you find your ideal inspiration.

3. The People’s Graphic Design Archive 

If you’re a more tactile person, nothing beats a physical publication; they are always an excellent resource for inspiration! Limitations manifest creativity, and this is something we always see in print. The People’s Graphic Design Archive is precisely what it is called, a free archive we can access to gain viewership to a vast range of old print publications. 

4. Creative Boom 

Creative Boom has a bit of everything, from the latest design news to resources, tips and different topics. They also do a podcast if you prefer sourcing your design inspiration in other mediums. 

5. Design Week

Rather than just solely looking for design inspiration, it is always important to keep an eye on the design news, trends and careers. Design Week offers a wide range of information and opinion pieces that can help designers reconsider how they do their practice. They also have a newsletter to ensure you’re always up-to-date on design news. 

6. Creative Review 

Their aim is to bring together the creative community, hence why they focus on a broad range of creative subjects. Limiting yourself to only design-based websites will also limit your ideas; there is so much to gain from seeing how photographers capture ideas or how videographers communication with an audience. Broader your creative horizons by seeking inspiration from other places. 

7. Identity Designed

The beauty of this website is its simplicity; its focus is highlighting well-executed design products from different brands from all over the world. You can also send in images of your own, and there is a chance they will showcase your work on the site.

8. I Love Typography 

So, this one is a little different to the others we have shown you thus far, but it is excellent for designers looking to extend their font collection! You can never have enough fonts when it comes to designing, and the right font can change the whole design!

9. Brand New

The focus of Brand New is to analyse brand identity by explaining new branding from companies and new designs that are worth noting and admiring. Brand New also offer the ability to explore brands through the sector they are so if you are seeking out a certain niche, this website is for you. 

10. Awwards

Social media has gotten us all used to having new content given to us not only daily but hourly, and while Awwards can’t scratch the itch of hourly content, it does present its reader with a new interesting site every day. The key feature of this website is that it highlights a well-designed website every day. 

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