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How To Structure Content

How To Structure Content in SEO? Let’s cut to the chase; writing your shopping list does not mean you can write; understanding grammar and having an extraordinary lexicon of words also does not mean you can write. To write is to understand the structure, flow and tone. Regardless of what you are writing, a well-written […]

What is The Buyer’s Journey?

Understanding the steps behind the buyer’s journey  No one instantly wants to buy something, and there is also a process, a journey they go on before they decide. The buyer’s journey is a process where individuals become aware of a problem; they consider and evaluate their options before deciding to purchase a product or service. […]


There are plenty of subjects in and around based on SEO, so we are always pondering the best route to serve those curious about SEO best. We could go in-depth with Ecommerce SEO, Local SEO, On-site SEO and so on, but before we do, it is best to do the groundwork first and answer the […]