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8 Funny and Clever 404 Pages


June 13, 2023

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You’ve always got to stay on brand, even if it is a user error! Take a look at some funny and clever 404’s!

dog 404

We all make mistakes sometimes and can end up in the wrong place! But it is always fun when that wrong turns end ups being the right turn!

The same situation occurs in the world of websites. But, as you will discover, many web designers have used these wrong turns to their advantage.

404 pages are our way of making light of server downtime or user error. However, this is also the perfect time for businesses to get creative.

But what does 404 mean?

In case you don’t understand this language, a 404 page is an HTTP error message. Let me rephrase that again, it’s the page that shows up when the page you were trying to reach can’t be found on a server.

In most cases, this page usually shows its face when the owner has removed the page, changed the URL or the user has spelt the URL incorrectly.

However, we’ve come across some very interesting and comical 404 pages that we think you will enjoy. Let’s take off our serious faces for 3 minutes and admire these great 404 masterpieces.

1. Squad Easy

Next on our list is the company Squad Easy, which aims to encourage sustainable mobility and responsible behaviour, which have chosen an interactive 404 page to keep you entertained.

So you’re a little bored that you came across a 404? Why not feed a dog? Want to kill some time, enjoy throwing an array of food at a cartoon dog!

2. Chartogne-Talliet

What a capturing way to bring calm to a 404 page.

Chartogne Talliet continued their brand image of refined elegance by remaining calm during an error!

There’s no re-direct; instead, the page is solely devoted to an innovative 404 which will bring peace to mind.

3. Romain Brasier

Romain Brasier is web developer who is eager to show off not only his skills in web development but also his humour!

Don’t panic but also are you willing to make the moral decision of savings 404 lemmings? This is a brilliant way to show off your talents but also keep your viewer engaged with your work.

Nonetheless, this humourous and fun 404 page is the ideal way to make sure people remember you and show case your work.

4. Fern Team

Fern Team are an animation and design studio that created their 404 page to add humour as well as to maintain consistency with their brand identity.

This creative company never fails to deliver interesting visuals and that still is the case for their 404 page!

It’s safe to say if that 404 can cause a little giggle before being more intrigued about the design work they do!

5. Bleugg

Bluegg has gotten ‘down’ with the younger generation by including the viral ‘screaming goat’ within their 404 pages. It makes sense, I mean we all tend to impersonate the goat perfectly when we misspell a URL and land on the 404.

The informal yet charismatic landing page is sure to brighten up your day. It’s the most straightforward idea yet but gives such hilarity; I’d raise a hand at saying this was pure genius.

Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to be a little less creative, instead use general knowledge – it may just pay off better!

6. Shalom O.

Shalom O is another web developer showing their personality through their 404 page, which so space and freedom to create whatever you want for a 404 page why not have fun with it?

Choosing to make a joke out of the panic is an ideal choice for a 404 page, and it is even better by choosing a clip from a well-known comedy show!

7. Geek Design

It would be wrong for us not to highlight our own 404 page! Being part of the web development sector, we made sure to highlight the web development at Geek and their talent!

If you land on their 404 page, you’ll be greeted with an interactive game of space invaders because why not? It’s our website we can make our 404 page whatever we want!

Rumour has it we might be adding a scoreboard to the page soon, fancy giving Alex a run for his money?

Have you come across any smart 404 pages?

These were only 8 of the many fantastic 404 pages you can find on the World Wide Web. We haven’t even mentioned the landing pages that let you play minigames and re-direct you to funny YouTube videos.

If these pages haven’t made you smile, we hope you will impress us with your ideas!

Remember, there’s always a silver lining. Don’t let a broken link page become a bounce!

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