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How Long Does a Website Take to Build?


June 13, 2023

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How Long Does a Website to Build?

Let’s get out our crystal ball and have a look. We only jest, but it can feel like that when we present the question, “how long does it take to build a website?”. While we can go straight to the clear-cut answer of how many hours we would spend on each website, we know you want a real-time solution. Well, there are plenty of variables that go into making a website, much like there are variables that affect the cost of the website, so what can impact the timeline of your website?

Bespoke or Brochure?

First, what type of website are you looking to have completed? Are you seeking an information-based website which is otherwise known as a brochure? This is a smaller website typically consisting of one or two pages, providing valuable information to your consumers, such as information about your services, where they can find you and contact details. Are you looking for a bespoke website? This is where things get broad; a bespoke website can consist of having e-commerce on the website, learning portals, delivery services, subscription offers, basically anything bespoke to your business — hence the title “bespoke website”. So, as you can understand, your website’s scale can profoundly alter the timeline of constructing a website.


So so so, here is where you can help yourself more than we can help you, and that is by ensuring you communicate with us clearly and promptly. We can only work with what we have if we ask questions about your website’s needs and you do not respond for 2 to 4 working days; it can potentially push back your website build for a few weeks as we have to schedule work and also always new work coming in. So, if you stay on top of your communications with us, then you stay on top of our priorities!

Website Building Steps

For you to grasp the timescale of a website build, it is essential to understand the steps that are taken by Geek to build your website, so after initially talking to Geek and explaining what you are hoping to achieve in investing in a website, this is what follows at Geek HQ —

The Design Stage

Our in-house designer will begin designing your website. Depending on what you have discussed with our Marketing team, we could create your logo and fine-tune your brand’s appearance to guarantee consistency within all your marketing materials and website. The design stage heavily relies on you understanding the importance of communication as you will be going back and forth with it; as the design is subjective, it is essential to have constant feedback to ensure you are happy with the final design of your website! Once you have confirmed with the designer that you are pleased with the design and ready to go forward in the process, you will have to sign our signing-off document, which highlights that you are delighted with the design; this document allows our team to go on to the next step.

The Development Stage

At this point, communication is still crucial; however, there will be less communication from our development team as they will work from what has already been agreed in the Sign Off Document. This is the stage where your actual website is being built. Suppose our developers don’t encounter any unseeable hurdles (code can get complicated, or so tell us). In that case, getting your website live should be smooth sailing! When your website has been built, we will send you the website files, show you how to navigate the website and voila, your website is all yours.

There is a lot that goes into making a website. Ultimately, there is a lot that can impact the time scale of the project, too, so whether you are looking for an information-based website or bespoke development that perfectly matches your niche, we can promise we won’t waste your time — or our own (making your website)!

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