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Anti-Fatigue Portable Standing Mat (EZMAT2218)


Ever experience joint, hips, back, knee, joint and muscle pains? Do you spend hours of your day just standing? Your feet comfort may likely be the root of these issues! Your body is connected and it may not be a direct issue but rather an indirect one. You may even try to subconsciously compensate feet pain with bad posture, leading to other issues. Luckily, our anti-fatigue standing mat provides ample cushioned ease when being used as a standing mats, kitchen chef mats or in other anti-fatigue mat applications. Unlike many mats sold in the market, the Amer EZMAT2218 is made with high quality foam of which retains its shape for many years to come! It also has a built in handle, making it easier for transportation or when you clean the floor. Engineered to be lightweight and portable for your everyday use!