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Wizweaver specializes in the delivery of high-quality, mission-critical custom solutions and projects that meet their cost, schedule and quality goals.
Wizweaver works with the organizations that:
- want to gain access to expert capabilities at reasonable costs,
- demand a high level of quality, robustness, reliability, and performance,
- need a custom solution that is available only through complex integration of existing components,
- must free internal resources for other purposes, or want to scale up for a specific project without increasing the number of permanent staff,
- want to achieve development schedules not possible with internal staff, or are engaged in a mission critical project that cannot afford to fail,
- need to share project risk with another company.

Wizweaver IT Oursourcing
Our expert management skills are augmented by key disciplines required for a successful project - project planning, project tracking and quality assurance.

We provide:
  • Technology Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Technical Support and Maintenance

Our policy is focused on close collaboration with our customers. We first understand the business models of your organization before taking a highly personalized approach to precisely meet your business demands.  This way we ensure that you get the most from our flexible service contracts: maintain your competitive focus, enhance IT skill sets and cut costs.

Head Office
188 Deerpath Drive
Guelph, ON, N1K 1W6

+1 519 841 0686
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